Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Does anyone understand that if the rich people of this country would help out the poor people .it would be a better world. and if the goverment would actually do what they say they are gonna do we,d all be better off. im so sick and tired of hearing these hollywood actors and rock stars cry about getting their picture taken . you morons if i had you,re money and fame id let em take as many pictures as they want ya all are a bunch of crybabys . if ya dont like what ya have and the stuff that comes with it dissapear cause no one really cares about you,re sorry butt anyways. jay z is one of the biggest crybabys and would i care if brittany spears killed herself no shes the perfect example of a rich idiot her sisters boyfriend should be in jail for rape as he was doing her at 15 . and rush limbaugh you fat pig you really think you deserve half a billion dollars while i have nothing the world has gone mad . im so glad heath ledger killed himself boo hoo the guy was an idiot all that fame and wealth and he just throws it away what a moron i aint shedding a tear for him .later

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