Sunday, July 27, 2008

jamie lynn tramp spears

who cares about seeing pictures of a 16 year old tramp named spears whose boyfriend should be in jail for childmolestaion. but that aint gonna happen cause there rich people and were not. for what she got paid i could of paid my bills and fed the homeless ok magazine do us a favor and just close you just told every 16 yr old that this is allright . well like i said differnt rules for the rich and the poor i hope hollywood falls off the earth now theres justice.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

all i want is my bills paid im broke while my goverment steals americans blind

its pretty sad that i now have to sell my car my motorcycle and next everybody will want my soul. well like i always said fuck the american dream its alive for some and dead for others . All was well in this country till that ego maniac president bush decided to start a war . Now it has cost me food prices gas taxes when is america gonna stand up and say enough of these bozos. neither one of the two running for president is worth a dam and nothing is gonna change . i feel real bad for all the homeowners who are homeless while sports stars are makeing millions for playing a fucking game not to mention endorsements it just makes me sick. like i said fuck the american dream its dead here.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

tv shows to watch and noy watch writers strike

burn notice, the sheild americas got talent wwe and survivor and big brother but with the writers strike coming up its reruns for us all. how much money is enough. geez i dont know let me see maybe a million a show hell just give me one paycheck ill be happy dam people quit being a bunch of crybabys.


Does anyone understand that if the rich people of this country would help out the poor people .it would be a better world. and if the goverment would actually do what they say they are gonna do we,d all be better off. im so sick and tired of hearing these hollywood actors and rock stars cry about getting their picture taken . you morons if i had you,re money and fame id let em take as many pictures as they want ya all are a bunch of crybabys . if ya dont like what ya have and the stuff that comes with it dissapear cause no one really cares about you,re sorry butt anyways. jay z is one of the biggest crybabys and would i care if brittany spears killed herself no shes the perfect example of a rich idiot her sisters boyfriend should be in jail for rape as he was doing her at 15 . and rush limbaugh you fat pig you really think you deserve half a billion dollars while i have nothing the world has gone mad . im so glad heath ledger killed himself boo hoo the guy was an idiot all that fame and wealth and he just throws it away what a moron i aint shedding a tear for him .later

Sunday, July 20, 2008

screw the american dream

W e as americans can just put our heads between our legs and kiss our asses goodby. if anybody thinks it going to get better by putting a bonehead muslim black president with a white person hateing wife in office and things are going to get better well i have hitlers hairpiece ill sell ya. and john mccain and his rich wife aint no better allhe wants to do is to continue paying for a war hell it aint even a war its a criminal act while good hard working americans are going broke losing their homes and jobs.what sense does this make i could of paid all my bills and all the mortgages with what has been spent over there and other places . If anyone thinks that america still cares about america you are definetly smokeing to much meth. these politicians dont give one rats ass about anybody but themselves and its a pretty sad world when we care more about what the rich of hollywood is doing than the fleecing of america by the criminals that occupy the white house and all politicians around the united states. i say a civil war general lee said if he,d of known the north was gonna go back on their word after his surrender he,d of fought till the very last man. jefferson davis is my president the only true president the south will rise again.