Tuesday, September 1, 2009

im so sick of obama

rednecks unite crush the obama morons. lets impeach this moron hell even if its just for being on tv too much. this president is not an american he doesnt like americans he hasw his own vision for himself guys a scumbag . anyways was glad to see the girl get out of that tent finally7 what a great day for her . to bad about the fires in california of course i dont see obama running out there cause he doesnt care . i really should be in bed but with my schedule i gotta get on here when i can. ya know. have a great week

Sunday, July 26, 2009

politicians get a real life

life is short life is sweet when 2010 arrives we can all make a dent in getting rid of all the low lifes . obama dog is on vacation or will be at marthas vinyard must be nice i sure wish i could take a vacation . reading the ann coulter book guilty now and gleen becks common sense which most obama loving morons dont have. but all politicians have great sticky fingers and wiil completly rob us blind.. no vacation for me .

Monday, June 22, 2009

the world is a crazy place

rednecks unite crush the obama morons. see i told all you wimpy moron obama supporters he has no balls and no money. hehheheh glad to see perez hilton get smacked up he had it coming . well it wont be long before we are at war again withj someone i figure korea the north or maybe the iranians . im real glad to see the iran people wanting freedom to bad the sissie goverment will kill their own people to stay in power what a disgrace. till next time later.