Sunday, December 28, 2008

im lost screw you

what the hell the poor pay while the rich play .
And i think it,s shit that obama is crying for more money fuck him
you could pay a whole bunch of mortgages with what he,s spending on his crap inagaration.
politicians are punks . and now this bitch caroline kennedy thinks she deserves a place in the senate.
look here you dumb bitch just what we need another dumb ass kennedy in the white house fuck the kennedys sorry ass family they are .
maybe the bitch will have a heart attack and die id laugh my ass off . cant wait till ole ted dies america will clap and applaud the guys a total scumbag screw him.

we now live in crap

i sure would like to know where those unamerican jerkoffs at newsvine get their balls cause if ya ask me the stupid un american assholes dont have any.

shit asses cut me off cause they are trying to sensor me well fuck them yea thats right newsvine fuck you if youre not to chickenshit im not hard to find.

we redneck confederate supporters arent going anywhere so get over it jerkoffs.

and fuck you and fuck obama too . and his piss ass security force .

obama the retard

rednecks unite crush the obama morons.

smoke me

rednecks unite crush the obama morons.