Monday, September 22, 2008

movie stars

heath ledger was a moron i have no respect for a punk moron who commits suicide. ryan oneil should go to prison along with his dirt bag son oh i forgot they are rich and im poor and im not in hollywood forgot about that. and then of course you have seal who is a big ole crybaby oh their takeing pictures of me oh im gonna cry you,re a moron sealand a disgrace to the fans rich crybaby.and lindsey and britney one an easy lay always an easy lay. i think obamas wife comes from that same cloth id do her anyways shes got lips.i sure hope you worthless 95 percent of hollywood enjoy you,re self being rich and all and throwing it in the poor peoples faces especially bank of americans president kenneth cole you,re a punk dude you,re company robs from the poor brother you,re a lousey human being i hope you,re mommas real proud of you. scumbag

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